List your car for sale Long Island, NY. We will do all of the work and meet with buyers on your behalf.

We can take the hassle out of selling your car by doing it for you with automotive consignment.  All cars accepted. 

What is automotive consignment?

Automotive Consignment is when a private seller allows a dealership to market and sell their vehicle for them under pre-determined terms.  Typically for a small fee or even no fee. Because the dealership is already marketing their inventory, it is cost effective for them to add your vehicle to their marketing campaigns.  Typically, you can expect to get retail value, or at least more than wholesale or trade-in value, because the dealer will market your vehicle as their own.  

Who can use automotive consignment?

Anyone.  While typically people with exotic vehicles will look to consignment when their time comes to part ways with their vehicles, at Stream Auto Outlet we will consign any vehicle.  It does not matter if you have a loan or lease on your vehicle, we will give you a full analysis before we list your vehicle for sale.  We have helped people facing repossession sell their vehicle before the repossession could take place and ruin their credit.  

Why consign?

Trusting Stream Auto Outlet to sell your car for you helps you get more money.  You will get more money than selling your vehicle to a wholesaler or trading the vehicle in at a dealership because Stream Auto Outlet strives to get you Fair Market Value for your vehicle, and we market your vehicle valued just as we would our own.  

You will save money on marketing.  We are already paying for vehicle listings on famous websites like,,,,, and other digital and non-digital advertising, so throwing your vehicle into the mix with our inventory saves you on having to list it on a vehicle listing site.  

You get a free Carfax report and so does your buyer.  

You save on vehicle prep.  We get your vehicle camera ready, hold a photo shoot, then use our techniques to highlight your vehicle's most attractive features to go to market.  

It's safe.  Because we meet with all prospective buyers for you, you don't have to risk meeting with strangers, especially during a pandemic.  You will not have to shuffle money around, and we verify that the funds are legitimate for you. 

It's convenient.  We will meet with buyers for you day, night and on the weekends so that you don't have to.

It's faster.  Not only do we have access to a larger audience of automotive buyers, we also accept trade-ins, and offer financing and vehicle protection plans to get you a buyer and help the buyer get the funds faster.

Sell my car.

Once we have marketed your vehicle and met with prospective buyers for you, we will negotiate the best price for you.  We can typically get more because we offer financing options to your buyer.  This is also a great way to secure legitimate funds, and speed up the process.  We will also offer your buyer vehicle protection plans.  This helps ensure that should the vehicle have an issue down the road, the buyer does not look to you with the issue.  More than likely they will come to us, and if they have vehicle protection, they can simply take it to their local shop for repair. 

With used cars holding their values so well in this market, now is a great time to consign your vehicle at Stream Auto Outlet.  

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